A Little Bit About Me....


To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.
— Oscar Wilde

I have been enjoying photography since high school, working in the darkroom, with film, discovering what was on each negative.  I continued with photography, evolved into digital, and eventually opened my business which over the years has evolved into what it is today.  I now primarily shoot Lifestyle, and Environmental (Nature) Photography, and only take on a limited number of Weddings.  

You'll find me up at the break of day, off on an adventure, either on my road bike or out for a jog. The sun hasn't quite peeked on the horizon and I've already got my camera ready for action.  Primarily a Lifestyle photographer, I began looking for something to show the beauty I was seeing each and every morning. The outcome of this is what I call Environmental Photography, or Nature Photography.  I would post these everyday images on my Facebook or Instagram, and friends began looking for them each day. All of these images are taken in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, primarily in the Kingston, Greenwood area. I enjoy finding that little beam of light trying to shine through the fog, and the trees, I enjoy hearing the birds, or seeing an eagle perched on a tree by the Annapolis River.  It's the little things that not everyone sees, it's the details that I like to find.  I hope you enjoy the site, and feel free to drop me a line!