Kimberly & Jesse - Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia Engagement

I had met Kimberly at Dalhousie University when we both attended the Architecture program and we reconnected last year during the spring, which is when I also met her fiance to be Jesse! Kim reminds me of myself, a nature girl, who would rather be outside enjoying life, than to be stuck inside at a desk, maybe that's why we get along so well!  Plus she is one of the sweetest persons I know, her and Jesse are the perfect couple!

Sometime during last summer, I shared with her and Jesse, some ideas for possible fishing spot locations in the valley. (since they are both from Saskatchewan, and weren't sure of good spots) You see Kimberly and Jesse love to fish, among all sorts of other outside adventures they like to do. So off they went one nice summer weekend, and while on their adventure, they were introduced to shad fishing on the banks of the Annapolis River. While fishing along the banks, the friendly locals offered a few shad darts to help them catch these little interesting valley fish! Kim tells me that had been one of the best days she's every experienced, she had that much fun! So you can imagine when Kim asked me to photograph her, and Jesse’s engagement images at Kejimkujik National Park recently, I couldn’t get there fast enough!  Hiking, nature, friends, and photography all at the same time!! Where do I sign up? I really loved that they wanted to have their session at the national park, because it spoke about who they are as a couple, enjoying themselves with what they love to be doing the most. Have a peek at this very cute couple and some of their beautiful images from the cool April engagement session.