5 Steps to help you choose the right print sizes for your home. ~ Greenwood, Nova Scotia Photographer

Let's talk about print sizes for your beautiful images and portraits, and longevity.

Have you ever gotten prints back and hung that 5x7 or 8x10 on your wall thinking that was large enough, stood back and said "wow I could have gone larger?" Did it look lonely on that massive blank wall?  The good news is I am here to help!

It is all about the size.....of the print.

5 pretty awesome steps that will help you along the way:

  • Don’t think of those 5x7 and 8x10 as wall portraits they are desk prints.
  • Do a mock-up with paper/foam core/bristol board to see what looks right. Draw it out if you have to.
  • Have a plan in advance before getting your family portraits done, on what you will be doing with your images. 
  • Print your images, don't rely on your USB to archive your images forever.  You can't frame a USB. 
  • Don't rely on social media to archive your photos, print them now!

I love it when my clients print big, it excites me!  Over the many years I've been photographing families, the thing that excites me the most is when my clients want to order the 16x20's and the awesome 24x36 prints and canvas, and I've had a bunch! Personally, you will not find an image smaller than a 16x20 on my walls around my home, and my largest is a custom framed image at 28x34.  Sadly I've started running out of walls in my home, and I might just have to start hanging things on the ceiling!!! 

Some clients think all they will need is a simple 8”x10”, they believe this is a large print until I get out my trusty 16x20 frame!   Look at the image below and tell me that 5x7 looks fabulous as a stand-alone wall print against the 16x20, 16x24 and the 28x34.  Could you imagine just putting that 5x7 on the wall by itself? Even that 16x20 looks a tad small, this wall almost needs a 30x45!  


Size does matter!

Not sure what size would look good on your wall? You don't have any frames yet? It's as simple as taking some foam core or bristol board from the local dollar store, and measuring out possible sizes you think might work, and pinning or taping them up on your desired wall.  Get your whole family involved it’s a party!! Paper works great too! Draw it out! Steal those crayons from your kids and sketch out your wall!! Go Crazy!

Do you have a really long wall?  Why not put a few large prints up, in groups. That's exactly what we did for my longtime client Denise. We tried different sized paper, and a larger 16x20 frame I had handy and ended up using 3 - 16x20 canvas prints which looked magnificent on her wall.  We had initially thought 11x14 but it looked so small in comparison to the 16x20.  

Thank you Denise for the photo of your beautiful family wall! 

Thank you Denise for the photo of your beautiful family wall! 

What will you be doing with your images?

Another thing to think about when having your portrait taken, is what will you be doing with your images?  Will you be hanging them on a wall?  Will you be keeping them private? Will you be showcasing them on desktops, and sideboards?  Once you know what you will be doing with them, then your whole portrait session can be tailored to how you will be showcasing your portraits.

I've rounded all my frames up to give you a more in-depth idea of the difference in sizes, and what the cropping is like. To get you thinking, and planning about your next portrait session!



Printing your images...This should be your mantra!

I've had many clients come back to me over the years asking if I still have a copy of their images from their weddings or even family portrait sessions.  They've lost their USB's or their disks have gone corrupt, or their computer hard drive crashed. I can't stress this enough, when you get your digital images,  back them up, and print!  (I'm glad to say I have had their images, as I have backups of backups!)

Invest in longevity and actual tangible prints that you and your children will have as they grow older.  Digital media changes like the wind, and in five years we could be no longer using USB. 

Don't rely on social media to keep your images.  These are all platforms which could disappear at any time!

Yes, that facebook gallery of yours, and instagram.  In 10 years time they could be a thing of the past.  Don't rely on them to archive your family images.  Download those baby's and print them!  Even if you have to print a collage because they are smaller, at least you will tangibly have them for your album or wall. 

This image below is a 40 year old polaroid of me and my family!  I'm the cute one with the hot red outfit!  My fashion sense was amazing at 4!! :P


If you have questions feel free to email me via the contact area, and remember; If you need help, I'm always available for a consultation!)